Awesome Austin

"He's just like any other boy". I was making sure Austin didn't follow someone through our gate the other day and this comment was made. It's not the first time this has been said to me, and I know it's said with the intention to make me feel better and reassure me that Austin isn't… Continue reading Awesome Austin


The Little Things

When Austin was first diagnosed I had so many people tell me that with autism, the little things would become the big things. They told me that I would learn to celebrate every minor achievement. I didn't find this comforting or encouraging at the time. It kind of frustrated me, to be honest. I didn't… Continue reading The Little Things

I’m Thankful for You

To my precious first born, I've been thinking for several days about the one person who I could write about and thank for being a blessing to our family. We are incredibly blessed, because I could write for weeks about our family, friends,  church, and the amazing teachers and therapists who work with Austin, all… Continue reading I’m Thankful for You


In my life pre-autism, I would've read the title of this blog and imagined a couple sneaking off to a chapel in Vegas or a resort in Cancun to tie the knot. In the last few years of my life, however, this word has come to mean something completely different. Webster's defines eloping as running… Continue reading Eloping

What Autism is to Me

It’s almost April, and the world will be lighting up blue for autism awareness.I saw posts about autism before I had Austin. I saw friends changing their porch lights. I saw it, but I really couldn’t relate. I hadn’t experienced autism.Autism was something other people’s kids had. Fast forward a few years, and our lives… Continue reading What Autism is to Me

Our Support on This Autism Journey

Today has been rough.  Mike and I are both feeling down. Overwhelmed with our situation. Exhausted from not sleeping. Drained from the screaming. Autism has flipped our world upside down and we’re struggling. Sometimes we just need to be sad and grieve. Other times it helps to focus on the things that we have and… Continue reading Our Support on This Autism Journey

I Found My Voice By Being His

I had to find my voice as a parent in a way I had not previously, after having our son, Austin. Very reserved, quiet and shy by nature, I am not a person who is outspoken about anything. But being quiet was no longer a choice when I was given the gift of my beautiful… Continue reading I Found My Voice By Being His

Love & Autism So honored that this was shared by Today Parenting:   Our marriage has certainly changed over the years with the addition of our children. We learned quickly after becoming parents to two little girls within two years that things would be different and that selfishness would not work. Nothing in life could have prepared… Continue reading Love & Autism

The Moment When

For some reason I thought about autism when my girls were babies. I kept track of  their milestones, and as they grow older, I was reassured when they continued meeting them within normal ranges. A new school for autism was being built just down the street from us when our first was a baby, and… Continue reading The Moment When

Peas in my Coffee

Yesterday was Monday. And goodness was it a Monday! I am seriously blessed to have several kid free hours each day when all 3 are in school. I need those hours to do pretty much everything. Once the kids come home it’s austin screaming, the girls doing homework, and total chaos. Especially on the nights… Continue reading Peas in my Coffee